Teaching in Pink Fuzzy Slippers” is the perfect guide for those professionals that want to teach on the information highway! An upbeat how to guide to get your slipper in the virtual academic door and what to do when you get there. Christina Anastasia, 2006/2007Educator of the Year” for Career Education Corporation offers all the tips, tricks, and contacts to virtual teaching. The book offers a humorous yet serious personal perspective for teaching virtually from an experienced and noted virtual instructor.

The academic doors of continuing education are now open to anyone that chooses to enter and the barriers to quality education have been broken down as technology makes it possible to learn from any place and at any time through the doors of the virtual university. Instructors are biting at the bit to teach in virtual environments from the comfort of their homes. The industry is starting to boom!!

As both a doctoral student and adjunct professor, Christina Anastasia has worked in the distance educational community for the past ten years. Christina brings a great deal of business experience to the classroom. She counsels for the Small Business Development Centers in Colorado and is the President and CEO of two businesses. In addition to teaching, Christina is the author of Karma and the Art of Business, (2002) a member of the American Association of University Women and National Organization of Women and a winner of the 2002 Colorado Top Business Women and Colorado Top Family Owned Businesses. In, 2005, Christina was nominated as Mentor of the Year for Colorado Technical University and is also responsible for bringing more economic development and new jobs into the Southern Colorado region through her business counseling efforts.

Christina is the first virtual instructor in history to be awarded the prestigious Educator of the Year Award 2006/2007 from Career Education Corporation selected from a pool of six thousand teachers and over one hundred thousand students.

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Karma & the Art of Business

I believe that anyone is capable of running a business and treating employees fairly at the same time. I wrote this book in 2002 for the purpose of teaching individuals the tricks of the trade. My book covers everything from Human Resource Management to writing a Business Plan.

This little book brings a fresh approach to the often tedious task of preparing a business plan and then running the company that is the result of that plan. Author Christina M. Anastasia knows first hand what she’s talking about. With a masters degree in organizational management, she has written dozens of business plans and started several successful companies and last year was named one of the top 100 business women by Colorado Biz magazine.

What makes this book different is that Anastasia answers the “why” and “how” questions as she recounts her experiences in starting and running a small business. Of particular importance is her advice on finding and motivating the employees who can take an ordinary company to a high level of accomplishment.

In one eye opening section of the book, she discusses the paramount importance of building successful customers through the use of karma. “Don’t argue with a customer. Offer solutions.” “A satisfied customer will tell ten other people.”

Her highly readable anecdotes lead the reader through the essential thought processes and preliminary planning necessary for a success business venture. She answers questions you never thought to ask.

After this spirited warm-up comes the more conventional step-by-step pages of business plan forms to use in preparing your plan and a long list of sources where emerging small businesses can turn for advice and financial aid. The books comes with a CD version.

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